The king of vegetables, the avocado. Now you get your chance to grow your own avocado tree with AvoSeedo. Using AvoSeedo is easy. Simply place an avocado pit, flat side down, in the tray. Place the pit and the tray in a bowlful of water. Now you get to sit back an wait. AvoSeedo suspends the pit on top of the water, proving optimum conditions to grow your avocado plant. You won't need to water it, although it's recommend to change the water weekly. Within 3 months you’ll see the root grow down into the water and then the tree will grow upwards. Once it grows large leaves, remove from the water and plant in soil. A great experiment for adults and children alike.

Grow your own avocado tree with AvoSeedo

Put the pit/stone/seed from any avocado into the AvoSeedo. The place in water.

After patiently waiting the seed will start to root and grow. Once it leaves remove from the water and plant in soil.

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