Nanoleaf Win Red Dot 2015 Award with LED Bulb

Posted on April 09 2015

Lighting has come along way in the last 5 years with new technologies emerging. As people became more aware of helping the planet (and one's bills) with energy efficient light bulbs, we started to look at light bulbs in a new way. Gone are the original CFL bulbs that were revolutionary, but slow to light up and not aesthetically pleasing. Now we're seeing brighter, more efficient, smart LED bulbs arrive.

Nanoleaf Gem

Nanoleaf have jumped on this and produced the Nanoleaf Gem. A beautiful glass faced LED bulb outputting 800 lumens, the equivalent of a 60W bulb, but using only 8W of electricity. Keen to keep the warm light effect of traditional bulbs, Gem emits a soft glow. Even with the light switched off, the geometric design will add style to your abode. 

Nanoleaf Gem

The second innovation from Nanoleaf is their Red Dot award winner, the Nanoleaf Bloom. Made in a traditional pear style lightbulb design with interlocking hexagon panels. Each panel features three LEDs. This results in a really bright effect, producing 1200 lumens from only 10 watts of electricity.

Nanoleaf Bloom

Another key feature to the Nanoleaf Bloom is the ability to dim. With a flick of a switch the Bloom can 'Blink' down to 75%, 50% and 35% brightness. The final nice touch is when switched off, the Bloom slowly dims down with a pleasant softening effect.

Nanoleaf Bloom


Both bulbs are available on Earth Day 2015, 22nd April from Nanoleaf's shop.

Nanoleaf Gem $24.99 

Nanoleaf Bloom $39.99




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