Top 5 Desktop Accessories to Brighten Your Day

Posted on April 03 2013

Did we see the sun yesterday or was it a figment of our imagination? Well, if like us it is now back to the grey skies, we're going to try and keep the Spring feeling going. We've comprised the Top 5 Desktop Accessories to Brighten Your Day. From quirky cord management to fun coffee cups, make your desktop a little more creative and watch the inspiration grow. 

5. Drinklip Cup Holder - add more space and colour to your desktop with this fancy cup clip. Perfect to hold and secure any take out coffee. Available from Beeeen  

4. Rabito Cord Management Ears - Easter is just over, but that's no reason to stop buying rabbit products, in any form. These subtle but practical bunny ears are perfect to keeping your chargers and gadget cables on the desk, saving time and tangles of cables on the floor. Available from Mai World 

3. Egglings - Add a bit of greenery to your desk with the ever-so-small, but ever-so-cute Egglings. Unlike a Cadbury's Cream Egg, these aren't full of sugary goodness, but under the eggshell is carefully placed soil and seeds. Just crack open, water and watch as you'll soon see the new glimpses of grass roots in your office. Available from Firebox

2. Ostrich Pillow - Having one of those days where nothing goes right? Or simply have worked so hard that you need a power nap? Well the Ostrich Pillow might be for you. According to the manufacture it's neither a pillow cushion, bed, or garment, but a bit of each at the same time. We're not sure about you, but we quite fancy this for the morning commute! Available from Studio Banana

1. Efeet Footed Mug - Most people use their own mug in the office. It was probably the first piece of personalisation businesses allowed in the office, so why not be totally different from the rest of your colleagues. No one could ever confuse your mug again, plus it will add a bit of personality to your desk. Just think, all those puzzling problems you can now ask Mr Mug, who stands their full of energy buzzing caffeine  Plus there's no need for a coaster as the heat isn't penetrating through this little dude. Available from Uberstar


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