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Posted on August 06 2013

Bring in the changes, as it’s 2013 and the modern world is here. Innovation is all around us with the development of crowd funding programmes and social media, enabling you to get your ideas off the ground and seen. 

So to celebrate this, we’ve picked our favourite new products for this year, which will make you smile, enjoy and relax. But most of all we hope it inspires you to a better way of living.


Impress the Guests

HOST Wine CoolerHOST Chill Cooling Pour SpoutHOST Wine Pourer

Wine gadgets have been around since the time of Innovations, however only a few have survived the test of time. We however know that HOST have come up with a wine tool that will please any wine lover. The HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout is smart, slim and has a colourful personality. It keeps your wine cold while you laugh and gossip with friends and family. And unlike any previous wine cooler, this nifty tool has a built-in pourer. Next time you need a refill, just pour your chilled wine through its pour spout, drip-free. If the entertainment has finished for the evening and you have some Chablis left over, just plop on the included stopper to preserve your wine for another day. Coupled with its award winning, slide-open, informative packaging it will make the perfect present.


Dazzle and Smile

Efeet Bowl


At first this might not seem like an innovation, however the Efeet Medium Bowl stands high above other dishware. Why would you want a bowl standing on a pair of feet, you ask. Well, consider a table centrepiece, lots of plates taking up room. This bowl reduces its footprint (sorry!), allowing more space for plates. In addition, cereal is messy at the best of times; this bowl however will help reduce the splash-back.  Made from ceramic, finished in high gloss it is both dishwasher and microwave safe. Finally, it is the perfect way to encourage the family to eat fruit, by presenting it in “Mr Bowly”.


Get More for Less

Designed by two American guys who had an excess of canning jars lying around, Cuppow Drinking Lid transforms any canning jar (mason jar) into a travel mug. A simple, but hugely effective invention that modernises the classic preserving jar into the 21st century. Canning jars happen to be the ideal drinking container. They are durable, dishwasher proof, easy to clean and are made to withstand high temperature for preserving fruit to very low temperatures for freezing. This means you can now carry your fresh coffee, tea, and fruit juice on the go in this durable non-spill drinking vessel. Oh, and it’s ideal for the office desk, as it keeps your coffee warm and doesn’t spill when knocked over.


Relax and Look Good

Brew to GoVerde Vino to GoMerlot Vino to Go


Wine and beer glasses come in a variety of shapes and colours, however none of them have before questioned the need for al fresco dining. Nothing is more frustrating then when you drink a vintage Bordeaux at a picnic and it topples over on the uneven ground, wasting it and covering your beige chinos. Introducing Vino2Go and Brew2Go, the non-spill, portable wine cups. Designed in Raleigh, USA, they have enlightened our life. Smart enough to look like a wine glass and beer glass from the side and holding the desired, 250ml and 450ml respectively, the double wall construction works as a thermal insulator keeping your drink cool. Plus the removable lid features a slide open and close lid for you to sip your wine or beer when desired. When you’re ready to put it down or walk onto see the next jazz band, just slide close the lid. This spill-proof and unbreakable cup has so many benefits and will be used time and time again. No more crying over spilt wine. No more screaming at the kids running around – well almost. Vino2Go and Brew2Go, probably the best wine and beer glass in the world.


Laugh and Create

Dog Face NotebookKitten NotebookRabbit Notebook


Not really an invention, but we had to include these new hilarious notebooks on their sheer laugh out loud nature. This is 2013 and the world of digital typing so every now and then we need a product to bring us back down to Earth. Perfect for cat and dog lovers, the Animal Face Notebooks feature the lower half of an animal’s face. When held up to read your notes, you’ll transform your face to the on-looking audience. Incredibly funny, and guaranteed to break a silence. Plus you can get creative again with a pen and pencil, sketching away on the 32 lined pages inside.


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