Carry Cups are your ultimate travel mug. Whether it's cup of tea in the morning or a flat white on your daily commute.

Made from ceramic means it feels like a normal mug. However, this mug is anything but normal. Supercharged with a silicone wrap it doesn't need a handle meaning it fits nicely in your cupboard and in your car cup holder. 

The silicone wrap not only keeps it cool to hold, it also helps maintain your drink's temperature. 

The Carry Cups feature a removable open/close lid, which comes into its own when out and about. The drinking hole is the perfect size and can also accommodate a straw (we recommend our Travel Straws to obtain the perfect height). 

Holding a generous 350ml (12oz) without the lid and 300ml (10oz) with the lid attached. The Carry Cups also make drink coasters obsolete with its silicone sleeve coming round the base of the mug. What colour will you choose?

Includes an Open / Close Lid

Our Carry Cups come with a slide open and slide close lid. Meaning no more spills when carrying your cup.

Silicone Wrap

We designed Carry Cup with a silicone wrap. This thick layer insulates your drink to keep it warm, while cool to touch.


Billions of single use cups are added to landfill every day. We want to help stop this. Carry Cup is reusable. Take it to your local coffee shop and prevent the use of disposable cups.

No Coaster Required

The silicone wrap surrounds the base of the mug. Therefore no heat is transferred to the surface. No coaster required and excellent grip and stability.

The Perfect Size

Designed to hold the most popular size of drink, 12oz / 354ml. It's also designed to fit in any car cup holder, measuring just 7.5cm wide. And to fit under any coffee machine, standing at 12cm high.

Packaging to Match

A reusable cup wouldn't be worthy unless it came in fully recyclable packaging. That's why we've opted for a kraft box. Recycle, reuse.


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