HOST Deluxe Aerator & Pourer


Savour the moment. Instantly enhance the flavour of your wine with our deluxe bottle-top aerator. Just pop it on, pour it out and drink it down. Raise your glass with HOST!

HOST Deluxe Aerator & Pourer is a sleek, innovative wine accessory. Especially designed for wine buffs which drink different grapes, depending on their mood, as not only does it aerate your wine for finer drinking, but depending on the degree you pour it it varies the amount of aeration. Perfectly aerate anything from your lightest Pinot Noir to your most robust Bordeaux, all at the tilt of your bottle. Our instant aerator enhances any wine by softening tannins and releasing flavour.

In addition to a better tasting wine, the pourer provides a smooth flow of wine, preventing any drips.

Product Information:

  • Shallow tilt: for light-bodied red
  • Moderate tilt: for tannic, red wines
  • Steep tilt: stronger aeration for white wines
  • Comes in a clear designed plastic box
  • Tabletop stand included
  • Measures: 20cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm


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