Impress Coffee Brewer

Impress Coffee Brewer Distributed in UK and Europe by

Impress Coffee Brewer is a ultra-convenient, clean, way of making fresh coffee on the go.

Years of design and tooling have gone into creating the ultimate portable coffee press. The reflective stainless steel outer body looks great and is easy to hold. This outer layer is double walled to provide strength and to keep your coffee steaming hot, while cool to hold. The stainless steel micro filter endures the test of time and is easy to clean. Plus it's simple to use, allowing you to enjoy fresh coffee daily.

It couldn't be easier to make a fresh cup of joe. Just add a scoop of fresh coffee into the chamber and fill with hot water. Leave to brew for 3 minutes. Then with the plunger, press down. The micro filter will push all the grounds to the base and your fresh coffee will come up. Add milk and sugar to taste. Attach  the silicone drinking lid and you're good to go. Your all-in-one solution to a french press and travel flask.

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