Quai Sud Cocktail Mixes

Quai Sud Cocktail Mixes

For the last century, cocktails have been a great way to blend spirits into fun and delicious drinks, but to this day, getting all the ingredients, mixers, bitters and liquors can still be troublesome, not to mention costing a small fortune. This is where our Cocktail Mixes come in to save the day! Packed with all the essential flavours you need to make your favourite cocktails, it's the one stop cocktail shop. The right herbs, spices, dried fruit and flavoured sugars will match your choices superbly, and when opened they will engulf your senses with wonderful aromas.

Making your cocktail couldn't be easier. Pour the contents into a jug or quart jar, then add the corresponding spirit. For a Cosmopolitan or Sex on the Beach add vodka, a Mojito or Pina Colada add rum, and for our personal favourite, the Margarita, just add tequila. Give it a quick shake or stir, cover the top and leave from anywhere between a few hours to a week for the flavours to infuse.

Each Cocktail Mix makes at least 6 cocktails, so get planning that party! Presented in an eye-catching glass tube with cork stopper, they make a fabulous gift.

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