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BeerNStein Portable Beer Mug - Black


When we drink beer, we like it in the sunshine and we don't want to keep getting up for a refill. So we thank the wonderful people who designed BeerNStein, our number one beer glass for the summer.

Holding a massive 680ml (that's equivalent of 2 standard beer bottles), you'll be able to sit down for twice as long as before, as well as undertaking an arm workout whilst enjoying each slurp. BeerNStein also features double wall insulation, so just like your double glazed windows it helps maintain the temperature inside, keeping your beer cool to drink. With an added feature of a non-spill, sippable lid you can wonder around the park and kick a football without spilling a drop. Just slide back the internal lid to drink and close to stop any pests from dive bombing your amber nectar.  

Product Features:

  • Holds a whopping 680ml of drink
  • Double wall glass keeps your drink cooler for longer
  • Non-Spill, slide-back sippable lid
  • Dishwasher safe

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