Best Morning Ever

Best Morning Ever Mug - White


The Best Morning Ever Mug is all about reminding people that every day is a new day, the old is gone, anything is possible, relax, smile, everything's going to be alright.

Designed with fun and practicality in mind, this mug is no ordinary beverage holder. With its inbuilt lid the mug is has the perfect shelf to hold a special treat. A biscuit, a cookie, a muffin even a doughnut! What better way to be treated on a Saturday morning with a cup of tea and sweet treat.

The lid also helps keep the heat inside your mug, which means your beverage stays hotter for longer. When you look at the mug it makes you smile and wonder. And this is what the inventor, Tom Medwin wanted. "We love imparting some little glimmer of joy in people's lives. It's kind of corny I know, but that's some of the story and mission behind all of this." Experience java nirvana and the joy of doughnut suspension technology!


  • Biscuit, Doughnut, Muffin and Cookie holding mug
  • Keeps your drink warmer for longer
  • Works for right and left handed drinkers
  • Large opening allows easy pouring, stirring and cleaning
  • Small opening works as a moustache guard
  • Capacity: Large. 450ml / 16oz
  • Measures: 10cm (h) x 14.5cm (w) x 11.2cm (d)
  • Lid diameter: 10cm

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