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Bottlelight Vivi Colour Changing LED Light Wand


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Compatible with wine and champagne bottles, the Bottlelight LED Light Wand illuminates your party. Just place in an empty bottle to create a unique table light.

With all the same features of the standard Bottlelight but with added magic thrown in to amaze your guests.

The Bottlelight Vivi has smart sensors in the construction meaning if you tilt it at certain angles it will perform different actions.

Firstly if you hold it at a 45 degree angle and spin it around it will change the light intensity from 15 lumens to 40 lumens (more powerful than the original model).

If you tilt the wand slightly to 90 degrees (horizontal) and spin it around, you'll find yourself cycling through the colour spectrum. You can then choose your desired colour. When you get to the end of the spectrum you'll then trigger colour-changing mode so the colour constantly changes when in the bottle.

To turn it off, all you have to do is turn the wand upside down. No buttons, just the power of movement. The Bottlelight Vivi Colour Changing LED Light Wand combines amazing technology with beautiful design.

  • Fits in all standard wine and champagne bottles
  • Super high efficient LED lights, with 150 lm/W output
  • Choose your colour or let it cycle through the colour spectrum
  • 100,000 hour LED bulb lifetime
  • Powered by 3x AA batteries
  • 100-120 hour run time from one fresh set of batteries
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Ideal for parties, garden soirees, restaurant tables, bars, camping and beach
  • Made in Germany

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