JOCO Cup - 8oz Black


JOCO has come to the rescue of your daily ritual.

Whether you like a Flat White sitting neatly in your car's cup holder, or prefer your peppermint tea to fit snugly in your palm as you embark the streets, JOCO Cup is the reusable, portable glass coffee cup. Featuring hardened glass, a colourful silicone sleeve and award winning packaging. We are sure that JOCO will be your new best buddy throughout your journeys.

The ultimate glass cup, it's so versatile. Not only is JOCO perfect for coffee, but it's great as a drinking glass for absolutely anything. Herbal teas, soft drinks and even perfect for the water-cooler. You wouldn't use your normal ceramic coffee mug or plastic coffee cup for water, would you?

Product Features:

  • Made from Borosilicate glass. The stuff Pyrex, laboratory flasks and baby bottles are made of. Basically, it's seriously tough and durable
  • Glass doesn't effect the flavour of your drink, unlike steel or portable plastic substitutes
  • Helps Mother Nature - each time to use JOCO instead of a disposable plastic or paper cup, you're helping the environment
  • Barista sizing - which means your local coffee shop have no issues filling it up 
  • Splash-proof lid. Enabling you to drink on the move, or with it off, drinking at your desk


  • Hold 8oz/240ml of coffee
  • Comes in recycled cardboard packaging
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

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