Our coffee culture is great in so many ways, but the one-use coffee cup is destroying our environment. We’re asking you to be part of the solution and invest in a great reusable coffee cup. 

We believe our Travel Cups are a great reusable coffee cup. Made from glass, they won’t affect the flavour of your drink, unlike plastic and paper cups. Furthermore, every time they are washed, they come up sparkling new. 

Our glass cup is made from borosilicate. It’s a tempered hardened glass that is lightweight. With these strong properties its the number one choice material for laboratory equipment too! 

Each Travel Cup comes with its own silicone lid and sleeve. The sleeve keeps the cup cool to touch while insulating the drink inside. The silicone lid is modelled on the disposable cup, so it fits nicely on your cup. Furthermore, the lip of the glass is rounded, which makes it really nice to drink from without the lid, while at home or in the office. 

It’s now time to make a change and reusable, don’t dispose. Join us is our sustainability campaign. Now all you have to do is choose your favourite colour…

Made from Borosilicate Glass

The strongest and lightest glass one can make. This means it's built to last. Also being glass it won't affect the flavour of your drink.

Barista Sizing

Our cup holds 12oz / 354ml. This is a standard latte / cappuccino size. Known as a Tall at Starbucks, Primo at Costa or a Regular at Cafe Nero, Pret and Greggs.

Smooth Drinking Lip

The rounded lip on the glass make it ideal for drinking at home or in the office. Then when you go out, simply pop the lid on.

100% Plastic Free

Plastic can leach toxins over time. Our cup is made from silicone and glass only. This makes it super safe.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

You can put the glass cup and silicone in the dishwasher and microwave.

Co-Branding Coffee Cups

Do you want your logo printed on our cups? If so, as long as you can reach our minimum order quantity of 50 units, we can quote you. See more on Branding Coffee Cups.

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