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Co-brand our JOCO Glass Coffee Cups with your company logo. Showing your commitment to reusable coffee cups and saving the planet.

Whether you're looking to print your company logo, or a message you wish to advertise, we can print on our reusable glass coffee cups. 

Print Logo on Coffee Cups UKJOCO Logo embossed on the front. Your logo printed on the reverse 

JOCO Cups are the original glass reusable coffee cup. Established in 2012, JOCO specialise in making the ultimate reuse coffee cup. Made from glass it doesn't effect the flavour of your drink and cleans up like new, time after time. 100% plastic free, your drink won't be effected by any nasties. The glass cup, silicone sleeve and silicone lid are dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Your logo printed on our glass coffee cups. 100% plastic free.  

Co-Branding Options

There is no character limit for printing on our sleeves. We require a high resolution image, 300dpi in either JPG, PDF, EPS, AI format

We can print in 1 colour or 2 colours

The minimum order is just 50 units

There is no extra cost for printing on different colour sleeves. Therefore for a 50 unit order, you can have 10x JOCO Cup Blue, 10x JOCO Cup Black and 30x JOCO Cup Strawberry Pink.

No extra charge for printing the same logo on different colour cups 

You have the option to print on our 8oz, 12oz and 16oz cups. Maximum print size is 70mm x 32mm, 100mm x 49mm, 110mm x 59mm respectively.

Production time is 14-21 days after order is accepted

If there is text on your logo, please ensure it's taller than 1mm to be printed clearly

Solid colours only. No gradients.

Drawings and sketches printed on coffee cupsPrint drawings and sketches on JOCO Coffee Cups 

Want your logo on our coffee cups?

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